Road to Romance: Honeymoon in Chile

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Road to Romance: Honeymoon in Chile
  • Destination: Chile
  • Duration: 9 days


Traversing the driest desert on earth to the legendary Easter Island in the southern Pacific, indulge in romance.

Programme Overview

Santiago, Calama to the Atacama Desert, Punta Arenas – Patagonia

Duration: 9 Days/10 Nights

Enjoy the Chilean Vineyard at the Rosario Valley Estate
Visit the Atacama Desert; enjoy a stargazing tour at one of the clearest sky in the world
Visit the Tatio Geysers
Surfing in the dunes of San Pedro de Atacama
Patagonian Fjords

A&K Advantage

Private candle light dinner under the stars!
Champagne, chocolates and a specially decorated room with rose petals and flowers
A culinary experience with the local chef Maria José Neut as her personal guest

Private arrival and departure airport transfers
The services of an A&K Representative


* On arrival in each country, you are welcomed by your A&K Representative who conducts a briefing on your time in the country. A A&K Representative is always at hand to provide unparalleled 24/7 support, be it local travel tips or reconfirming arrangement details, to providing recommendations for restaurants and shopping. Should you ever need help or advice, dial your A&K Representative’s mobile phone for prompt and courteous service at any time.

Detailed Itinerary


Upon your arrival at Santiago airport you will receive an exclusive meet & greet at the disembarking gate of your flight by your A&K Representative. Your local A&K guide will immediately assist you with immigration and custom formalities.

You will continue with your guide to explore some of the best Chile’s wine valleys. Casablanca is one of the most emblematic valleys on Chile’s wine circuit and provides an enticing mix of some of the country’s finest whites like Loma Larga wines. We invite you to discover Loma Larga peaceful vineyard’s area and its beautiful old parks before an exclusive wines tasting on the country-state house. Then you will continue to the San Antonio valley, Chile’s newest and smallest D.O. and home to several new vineyards, such as Matetic vineyard.

The Matetic family owns the entire Rosario valley Estate, which has a luxurious but rustic-looking guesthouse at one end, an impressive, hi-tech bodega at the other. The family history starts in Punta Arenas, at the end of the 19th century, with the arrival to Chile of Jorge Matetic Cetinja. Armed with a tremendous spirit of adventure, this Croatian immigrant sailed from Europe to settle in the far southern part of America. This same spirit of adventure is what led the company into the wine-growing business in 1999, in the firm belief that climatic characteristics associated with the kind of soil and light in this part of the country could produce high quality wines. How correct they were. Due to its geographic location, its temperate coastal Mediterranean climate has a strong ocean influence, with significant thermal fluctuations during the day – 20 degrees in the ripening period. The temperature normally rises quickly during the morning, until noon, when a soft ocean breeze helps maintain an average 26 degrees during the summer, a temperature that is ideal for the ripening of grapes.

Enjoy a private wine tasting before an exquisite lunch on the winery’s restaurant.
The rest of the afternoon is at leisure to enjoy the beautiful garden of the vineyard.

A romantic dinner under the stars will be served at your lodge “La Casona of Vineyard Matetic”

Overnight: La Casona Vineyard Matetic
Meal Plan: D


Enjoy a lavish breakfast & later you will be assisted to connect with your flight to Calama, the gateway of your adventure in the Atacama Desert.

The quaint oasis town of San Pedro de Atacama sits in the driest desert in the world – Atacama – and is the main base for explorations in the area. This region was the principal center of the Atacamanian Indian culture, and relics such as Tulor, an ancient village estimated to have been built in 800 B.C., and the superb archaeology museum boasts hundreds of artifacts that have been well preserved by the desert’s arid climate. But it is perhaps San Pedro’s intangible magic that captivates its visitors in the end. San Pedro’s streets have a pleasant, artistic, bohemian vibe, and its adobe buildings maintain a certain charm and unique character.

Upon arrival at the local airport of “El Loa” in the city of Calama, you will be welcomed by your local guide from Awasi lodge, for one hour transfer to where your lodge is located.

Awasi Lodge
Each cottage of this small hotel is tastefully appointed, with generous spaces, private patio, a reading area, as well as indoor and outdoor showers. What really sets Awasi apart from the competition is the fact that for each cottage there will be a guide and 4×4 vehicle; making for the most personalized experience for guests. The aim of Awasi is simple; provide a luxurious environment from which one can admire the immensity of the Atacama Desert, while enjoying life’s creature comforts.

Upon arrival at the hotel, you will enjoy your lunch at the lodge and your guide will be ready to explain you the different activities available for this afternoon.

In the evening return to the hotel for a private candle light dinner, follow by a stargazing tour at one of the clearest sky in the world. The special light conditions, crystal clear atmosphere and aridness of the Atacama Desert make it one of the finest places in the world for astronomical observation. This has led to the installation of important astronomical observatories in the area in the past few years such as the ALMA Project, which will be the world’s largest radio telescope. With the help of an expert, you will learn the basic concepts and history of astronomy. You will discover the ancestral Andean culture’s interpretation of the universe and the constellations, how they measured it and the legends they created around it. You will also learn the difference between traditional astronomy and radio astronomy, the objectives of the ALMA

Overnight: Awasi Lodge
Meal Plan: B, L, D


You will have two days at leisure at Awasi lodge to enjoy any of the daily activities available to explore the Atacama Desert. Some of the highly recommended activities for the day would be:

A visit to the ethereal Moon Valley
Leave Awasi and head to the Natural Reserve, which is located some 15 minutes away in the middle of the Salt Range. Its name speaks of the magic of the landscape. As the tour progresses, you find lookouts from which to observe the unusual geological shapes which, together with the action of wind and water, have originated a land relief reminiscent of the inhospitable beauty of the lunar surface. The final moments of the sunset when, in a matter of seconds, luminous streaks bring out subtle coloring differences in the mountains, is simply indescribable.

Highland Salt Lakes
Highly recommendable, as there are few places in the highlands which offer such a variety! Leave Awasi heading south and visit the towns of Toconao and Socaire situated at 10.600 ft. (so a level of prior adaptation to the altitude would be required). Along the way you will find different types of landscapes, which run from the driest dessert to small oases and mountain views. You will be able to see vicunas, among other wild species. You will be surprised by the immensity and inhospitable beauty of the Tuyajtu and Aguas Calientes salt lakes, with their turquoise colored ponds inhabited by ducks and flamingoes.

Overnight: Awasi Lodge
Meal Plan: B, L


This morning get ready for another day of great adventure!
We head north towards Tatio – Puritama and gradually gain altitude as we cross the highland and observe the very rich flora & fauna of the place. After two hours on the road reach the stunning Tatio Geysers, intermittent springs that gush out as imposing steam and hot water columns. Enjoy the place and the peculiarity of its fumaroles; before returning to Awasi, stop at the Puritama warm springs, where you can bathe and enjoy an appetizer.

On your way back, enjoy another exciting experience – surfing in the dunes of San Pedro de Atacama. Sand board is a great experience not just because of the place, but also due to the strong feeling that you will get when you are going down in a dunes of 120 metres!!

Overnight: Awasi Lodge
Meal Plan: B, L


After breakfast at your Hotel, you will be met by your guide at the lobby of the hotel for your transfer to the airport to take your flight from Calama to Punta Arenas.

At your arrival at the Punta Arenas airport meet a local representative who assists with your luggage collection and takes you to the Singular lodge, situated in the town of Puerto Natales, where you will spend the next four nights

The hotel is located in the converted “Frigorific Puerto Bories”, a post-Victorian cold-storage plant built in 1915. This industrial complex was originally built by the “Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego” to process and export frozen meat to Europe. The factory was in operation for 70 years, generating work and contributing to the development of the region. After a long period of neglect, the building was restored to its former industrial grandeur and as a result of the meticulous conservation, was declared a National Monument in 1996.

Lunch will be included at your lodge. Afternoon will be at leisure to take one of the half day activities or simply relax and enjoy hotel facilities.

Overnight: The Singular
Meal Plan: B, L


You will have 2 days to continue exploring the wonderful Patagonia alongside the Singular lodge’s knowledgeable guides.

There is a wide range of expeditions with different grades of difficulty and duration. Activities include horseback riding, trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, bird- watching to name just a few. You will take part on exclusive expeditions that will give you access to private lands and sites off the beaten track. Navigation is a thrill… reaching beautiful unexplored areas.

The Singular is located right by the Fjords & we highly recommend you enjoy the opportunity of sailing through the stunning Patagonian Fjords and visiting Glaciers Balmaceda and Serrano. Your journey starts at the hotel pier where a private boat will be ready to take you sailing for approximately over an hour – where by you get to observe some of the regions natural wild – perhaps some colonies of blue-eyed cormorants and sea lions.

You will disembark in Puerto Toro – Bernardo O´Higgins National Park. After a stroll you reach the viewpoint overlooking Glacier Serrano, bordering a lagoon with icebergs that come from the base of the glacier. Continue the journey to the impressive Balmaceda Glacier.

Return to the hotel for a hot spa! Enjoy a bubble bath with your choice of aromas over a glass of champagne & later indulge in a romantic dinner at the hotel

Overnight: The Singular
Meal Plan: B, L


You could spend your day today exploring the famed Torres del Paine National Park which is part of the National System of the Protected Wildlife Areas of Chile. Driving north from Puerto Natales, go via Villa Cerro Castillo which is a village devoted to sheep farming. Continue to Lago Sarmiento, where you will be able to observe the typical fauna of this area and enter the Torres del Paine National Park at Portería Laguna Amarga and visit the different viewpoints with unique perspectives of the Macizo Paine. Visit the Salto Grande waterfall and then the Lago Grey, where you start a one-hour trek, with a view of Glacier Grey and icebergs. Return by the Mylodon Cave route for another stunning perspective of the Macizo Paine.

Overnight: The Singular
Meal Plan: B


This morning you will be transferred back to Punta Arenas airport to board your flight to Santiago.
Upon arrival in Santiago, you will be met by your A&K local guide; you will be escorted to hotel Ritz Carlton in Santiago.

While the exterior of the Ritz-Carlton Santiago may appear remarkably understated when compared to other hotels in the city, once inside it becomes clear that this is undoubtedly Santiago’s finest hotel. This, Ritz-Carlton’s first property in South America, combines the intimate, luxurious interiors one would expect, with gracious, attentive service, creating a pleasant ‘boutique’ atmosphere. The hotel also boasts a privileged location in the heart of the uptown El Golf neighbourhood, with its numerous restaurants, cafés, elegant boutiques and design stores, and tidy plazas. An Early Check-In will be arranged at the hotel, ensuring that your rooms will be available upon arrival.

Your room will be specially decorated with rose petals and flowers. Champagne & chocolates will be waiting for you for a special toast.

This evening, we would like to invite you to a culinary experience with the local chef Maria José Neut.
She will pick you up at the hotel and lead you to your waiting vehicle for a short orientation tour of the upper part of the city to her apartment where you will be invited to enjoy an aperitif along with some appetizers. You could join Maria Jose in the kitchen and roll up your sleeves and take part in the preparation of the day’s menu, or just sit back and relax as you sip your cocktail. A romantic menu with candles will be prepared specially for you.

Overnight: Ritz Carlton
Meal Plan: B, D


This morning enjoy a leisurely breakfast or the “bath butler service” before departing for your onward flight. Your private chauffer will meet you at the hotel lobby and assist you with your transfer to the airport.

Meal Plan: B

Extension option:



Depart Santiago this morning to board your flight to Easter Island.

Discovered on Easter Sunday in 1722 (hence the name), Easter Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the most isolated place on the face of the Earth! Located at a distance of 3,700 km from the nearest populated point (which is the Chilean mainland; although more Polynesian than South American in character); the 64-square mile island is now famous as the world’s largest ‘open air Museum’ on account of the Moai, or human-like stone statues, (more than 600 of them), that can be found on the island. The Moai remain very much a mystery which archaeologists are still trying to unlock by interpreting an ancient language of the Rapa Nui that holds the key to understanding this culture, and is written on the so called ‘rongo rongo tablets’.

The island owes its origin to three volcanoes which erupted some three million years ago: Poike, Rano Kau and Maunga Terevaka. In addition to the cultural and archaeological interest, there are the beautiful beaches, transparent waters and coral reefs that might be expected of a Pacific Island and Jacques Cousteau himself agreed that it is one of the most perfect places for under-water marine studies.

Upon arrival to the local airport Mataveri, you will be welcomed with traditional floral collars and transfer to Explora Lodge, Posada Mike Rapu.

Overnight: Explora Lodge, Posada Mike Rapu.
Meal Plan: B, D


Your next two days will be completely at leisure for you to explore the island as you wish. There are several options and every evening your guide will meet you in the bar/living room area of the hotel. Your guide will explain to you the excursions available for the next day and help you choose the best exploration for you according to your interests and abilities. There are treks, bicycle rides, and explorations in the ocean (snorkeling, fishing using traditional methods, and boat trips), enabling you to gain an in-depth understanding of the culture and geography of Rapa Nui, its ancestral, megalithic figures, the Moai, and the special idiosyncrasies of its people.

This afternoon we recommend you try the ‘Motus’ (Islet Boat Ride)
Your private chauffer will drive you from Hotel Posada de Mike Rapu to Hanga Roa Otai or Hanga Piko. From there, you depart by traditional Rapa Nui fishing boats. Ride out to view formations of coastal caves and the cliffs of Rano Kau, as well as the south side motus—well known for the Birdman Competition.

Overnight: Explora Lodge, Posada Mike Rapu.
Meal Plan: B


This morning we highly recommend you indulge in some snorkeling!!

The waters off the coast of the island are known for being some of the most transparent in the world. Travel by your private boat to one of the designated areas best suited for snorkeling. With equipment provided by the hotel and accompanied by your guide, discover the beautiful waters where one can see a variety of endemic aquatic fauna including corals, mollusks, crustaceans, and tropical fish.

Later this afternoon, make your way to one of the most stunning white sand beached of the area – it is a hidden gem called Ovahe. This beautiful and desolate beach is surrounded by breathtaking cliffs. Once you make your way down to the beach, your lunch will be laid out for you & you would be left alone to enjoy the spectacular setting.

End your day with a sundowner on your private boat while making your way back to the Lodge.

Overnight: Explora Lodge
Meal Plan: B


You would be met by your private chauffer who will assist with your transfer to the airport “Mataveri” to board your flight back to Santiago. Upon arrival in Santiago, you will be met by your local A&K guide, who will assist you with check-in formalities for your departure flight back home.

Meal Plan: B


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